We supply woodburning and multifuel stoves from 2 of the largest manufacturers in the UK. Town & Country and Charnwood offer high quality stoves designed and built in the UK offering a range of styles from contemporary to traditional

We have a network of local HETAS engineers and builders that can create your perfect fireplace and fit your stove safely and to building regulations


Since 1977, Town and Country Fires of Yorkshire have been delivering high quality stoves at great prices. The family run business based in Pickering in North Yorkshire specialises in multifuel and wood burning stoves which are economical and eco-friendly and are up to 84% efficient. Their expertise in this industry has led Town and Country Fires to both develop and manufacture high quality fires
TOWN & COUNTRY Woodburners from Shields DIY


Charnwood is a privately owned family business based on the Isle of Wight. Established in 1972 they have become one of the foremost stove companies in Europe specialising in the manufacturer of the finest multi-fuel & wood burning stoves. Designed and built on the Isle of Wight using he latest technology, their clean burning stoves burn wood, coal and smokeless fuels at maximum efficiency and output low emissions, giving a clear view of the fire
CHARNWOOD Woodburning Stoves from Shields DIY, Tavistock


The design and product development of Contura stoves occurs in Sweden, as does the assembly of all stove parts. Specialising in contemporary style woodburners Contura have both freestanding and inset stoves boasting some of the top efficiencies in Europe. With their large range of accessories you can give the stove your own personal style and adapt it to your style and needs
CONTURA Multifuel Stoves from Shields DIY
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We also stock a large range of stove accessories which will help keep your stove cleaned and well maintained.

We offer a door repair service where we can replace the glass and rope seals on your stove door in our workshop.

Stove Accessories sold by Shields DIY of Tavistock